ON SALE: March 26, 2019 | Hardcover | 224 pages | ISBN: 9781524732752 

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The Pulitzer finalist delivers a brilliant, streamlined comic novel, reminiscent of early Philip Roth and of his own most masterful stories, about a son's failure to say Kaddish for his father.

Larry is an atheist in a family of orthodox Memphis Jews. When his father dies, it is his responsibility as the surviving son to recite the Kaddish, the Jewish prayer for the dead, every day for eleven months. To the horror and dismay of his mother and sisters, Larry refuses--thus imperiling the fate of his father's soul. To appease them, and in penance for failing to mourn his father correctly, he hatches an ingenious if cynical plan, hiring a stranger through a website called to recite the daily prayer and shepherd his father's soul safely to rest.

This is Nathan Englander's freshest and funniest work to date—a satire that touches, lightly and with unforgettable humor, on the conflict between religious and secular worlds, and the hypocrisies that run through both. A novel about atonement; about spiritual redemption; and about the soul-sickening temptations of the internet, which, like God, is everywhere.

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"Englander is mischievously hilarious, nightmarish, suspenseful, inquisitive, and deliriously tender in this concentrated tale of traditionand improvisation, faith and love."


Dinner At The Center Of The Earth

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From the best–selling author comes a political thriller set against the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. 

In the Negev desert, a nameless prisoner languishes in a secret cell, his only companion the guard who has watched over him for a dozen years. Meanwhile, the prisoner’s arch nemesis—The General, Israel’s most controversial leader—lies dying in a hospital bed. From Israel and Gaza to Paris, Italy, and America, Englander provides a kaleidoscopic view of the prisoner’s unlikely journey to his cell. Dinner at the Center of the Earth is a tour de force—a powerful, wryly funny, intensely suspenseful portrait of a nation riven by insoluble conflict, and the man who improbably lands at the center of it all.

Praise for Dinner at the Center of the Earth

“Nathan Englander's latest is, as usual, superb: a work of psychological precision and moral force, with an immediacy that captures both timeless human truth as well as the perplexities of the present day.”
—Colson Whitehead 

"Nathan Englander's fiction [is] always animated by a deep, vibrant core of historical resonance."
—Jennifer Egan
“The depth of Englander’s feeling is the thing that separates him from just about everyone. You can hear his heart thumping feverishly on every page.”
—Dave Eggers

“Englander tells the tangled truth of life in prose that, as ever, surprises the reader with its gnarled beauty.”
—Michael Chabon

“Nathan Englander is one of those rare writers who, like Faulkner, manages to make his seemingly obsessive, insular concerns all the more universal for their specificity.”
—Richard Russo

“In Englander’s hands, storytelling is a transformative act. Put him alongside Singer, Carver, and Munro. Englander is, quite simply, one of the very best we have.”
—Colum McCann
“Equal parts political thriller and tender lamentation, the latest from Englander explores, in swirling, nonlinear fashion, Israeli-Palestinian tensions and moral conflicts… Ultimately, Englander suggests that shared humanity and fleeting moments of kindness between jailer and prisoner, spy and counterspy, hold the potential for hope, even peace.”

“Appealing... Clever, fragmented, pithy... Englander is a wise observer with an empathetic heart.”
—Publishers Weekly


What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank

"Certifiable masterpieces of

contemporary short-story art."

--Michael Chabon

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New American Haggadah

"A touching and

scholarly Haggadah

that offers fresh


--Julia Neuberger, Financial Times

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The Ministry of Special Cases

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“A mesmerizing rumination no loss and memory, spun out with a fabulism that recalls Isaac Bashevis Singer….Masterly.” -Los Angeles Times

Who si this Nathan Englander, so young in novelist years, but already possessed of an old master’s voice?...One reads this novel in awe of Englander’s talent.” -The New York Times Book Review

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